Babadağ, which became the symbol of Fethiye, is located in Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon). The peak of the mountain is 1965 meters. It is covered with cedar and spruce trees, mainly Pine on the mountain.
Every year, the Air Games Festival in Fethiye Oludeniz is the meeting point of air sports pilots from many different countries. This year 19. The air Games Festival took place and many activities such as motorized paragliding, model airplanes, sailing wings, balloon shows and paragliding were performed at Oludeniz Belcekız Beach.
The paragliding that many people are passionate about now begins with David Barish in 1965. During this period, Barish was the first to run from the hillside. By the 1980's, the paragliding, which resembled the free-jump parachute, performed better and provided a longer stay in the air.