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We advocate “a great holiday is everyone’s right”.

In this article, we have compiled holiday resorts that we think they can get a great holiday experience at an affordable price, especially for students and employees who want to get away from their work life, who believe that they can be friends with nature, who try to get rid of the fatigue that is left behind from the stress of the exam. Don’t waste time taking advantage of holiday package opportunities.


Although it is not known until Bozcaada, the beautiful Gökçeada of Çanakkale is one of the most ideal affordable holiday stops. Nature’s love, longing for silence, longing for peace, this resort has a turquoise sea that shines with the rays of the sun. This is the opportunity for those who like to do Kitesurf!

Be sure to come to Gökçeada and get incredible experiences.



Flamingos here in autumn!

Duru Gökçeada Salt Lake, which attracts the rain, will take place in your heart with its magnificent view!

The lake is in the middle of the beaches of kafelos and aydıncık. During the summer months, with the evaporation of the lake, white salt layers are formed on the surface.

The people living on the island meet the salt requirement here. The lake, which has a mystical appearance, has a large number of bird species such as angit, duck, flamingo.

Besides, it doesn’t stop counting the benefits of the mud coming out of the lake. There is plenty of sulphur in the lake mud, calcification, psoriasis and rheumatism is very good for diseases such as. Gökçeada Salt Lake also offers you the opportunity to make Windsurf and Kitesurf in the spring months.


In Tepeköy Çınaraltı, the picnic area of Gökçeada, where the oldest plane tree ever lived for 625 years, the imposing view of the giant plane tree will take effect.

At the same time, you can enjoy the magnificent Aegean Sea, which is behind the plane tree, while having picnics to enjoy your pleasant days with your loved ones.


Avşa Island, which is famous for its wine, is one of the Marmara Islands. The other name of Avşa island is “Türkeli island”.

Because of its proximity to Istanbul, the island is flooded with thousands of tourists every year.

The Crystal Sea is a separate beauty, a separate beauty for the nights that do not look for the festivities with its fun!

The taste of the island of Avşa is not just a swim! You can participate in this kind of activities on the island, which is suitable for water sports, nature walks, bicycle tours.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about your accommodations here. You can easily stay at reasonable rates.


If you are looking for a holiday place where you can have a lot of fun with little budget, you will probably have Olympos on your route. We are confident that the idea of staying in bungalow houses and camping in the heart of nature, which you see in the photographs and your inner voice says, “I wish I were there and lived together with nature,” will be attractive to you. If that’s the case, then it’s time to do yourself some good. Olympos will be happy to welcome you!



The light of the stars illuminates the coastline of the Mediterranean!

Genoese Bay, located 5 kilometers from the district of Olympos, Antalya, is one of the stops where boat tours can not pass. During your stay in Olympos, you can swim in the bay which offers you a variety of opportunities, or you can relax your soul under the sun, which is reflected on your face.


Alanya, which takes the Taurus Mountains to the North and the Mediterranean to the South, is on a peninsula. It is one of the important tourism destinations of Antalya.

There are many places to visit in this valuable residential area, which has hosted countless tourists to the present day. Alanya, in time, from the Persians to Byzantium, from Byzantium to the Republic of Turkey was ruled by many civilizations.

When this happens, there are great monuments such as mosques, masjids, caves and churches that we have seen today. Alanya with its 185 thousand bed capacity and more than 600 facilities offers accommodation at an affordable price. “Can I Camp in Alanya?”If the question is over, let’s get you started. Alanya has a large number of camp areas in order for guests to stay as they wish.



Let your conversation with your loved ones be brewed at Dim Creek!

On the wooden platforms built on the cool waters of dim Creek in Akçatı village of Alanya, you can taste the pleasures that will appeal to your taste, while on the other hand you can marvel at the beauty of nature.

With picnic areas, restaurants and tea gardens around you will be filled with water and nature at Dim Creek. In the area, there are relaxation lodges where you can take the intensity of the day. When you are overwhelmed by Alanya’s scorching heat, you can entrust yourself to the cool waters.

During your vacation, you can reward yourself with dim tea.


Çimeniçi cave, which is one of the most visited places in Alanya, is located around Şıhlar village.

The cave, which has a horizontal shape, consists of two floors and has a marvellous structure with interconnected rooms and travertine deposits. This historical building, enriched with Roman ruins, is worth visiting in Alanya.


Alanya Castle 13. the century air blows!

Alanya Castle, which became one of the symbols of Alanya and is one of the medieval castles, was built during the Hellenistic period. The castle has become monumental in the Seljuk period. The castle, built by Alaaddin keykubat, has a magnificent view of it with more than 140 towers and 400 cisterns. The fortress is surrounded by walls from all sides because it is the center of military and administrative organization. We recommend that you visit this historic castle on your visit to Alanya.


We decided to demolish the perception of “every resort in Bodrum is expensive, no holiday” with Gümbet. In Gümbet, a district of Bodrum, you will reach the heights of entertainment in bars, cafes and discos where the music is not cut.

Gumbet, the star of the Bodrum Peninsula, is located at the Bay, 3 kilometers from Bodrum. The restaurants opened with the increase of visitors are also very much overused. You can come to Gumbet and witness our stories with your own eyes.



You will meet the Bengi seas in Adabogaz!

Adaboğazarı, also known as “Bodrum aquarium Bay”, is located between Gumbet and Bitez. Small bays at the western end of Gumbet, as well as the glass that accumulated when an island was cut in front of them, formed Adaboğazı. You can also reach Adabogaz, where you will travel to the depths of the turquoise sea by road or by boat from Bitez.


The history winds of Halicarnassus are opening the Mindos gate!

Located near Bodrum/Gumbet, the historic building is one of the old Halicarnassus city walls. M. M.4. the gate bearing the traces of the century is the entrance door of the city.

Halicarnassos protected the city from enemy attacks and became a shield to the city. There are vaulted tombs of Roman and Hellenistic periods around the Mindsos gate. Alexander The Great, King Of Macedonia, M.In 334 BC, although he was in various raids in the city, he did not succeed.

Mindos gate built by King Mausolos is definitely worth visiting.


The idea of “taking a vacation at a reasonable price” sounds appealing, doesn’t it? If the answer is “yes,” we say, ” turn your route to Didim.” The four seasons of the year, Didim, where you can spend your time full of colorful beaches, the clear sea with the perfect reflection of the moonlight, welcomes many guests both at home and abroad.



The Faustina Bath, which is located 1 km from Didim, is one of the historical places that come to mind when it is called Didim. The distance between the Hamam and Miletus theatre is 150 meters.

It was built in the name of Faustina, the wife of Marcus Avrelius, the Roman Emperor. The fountain at the edge of the bath is a lion-shaped statue. When you take a trip to Didim, we recommend you to visit the Faustina Bath.

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