Turkey’s Most Beautiful 10 Villages


The country where the sun rises, the wealth of Anatolian lands, is undoubtedly their village. This magnificent region, which has existed for centuries, has been used as a settlement for a long time and is still being used.

In this article we have compiled the villages worth seeing, which are located in Turkey and we have difficulty choosing between them.


The old name of the village which is connected to the selcuklu District of Izmir is Kirkina. After the settlement of the Turks in the time of exchange, it ceased to be a Greek village.

Şirince KöyüŞirince, which makes its name known with its wines made from all kinds of fruits, is admirable! Şirince, who has become a village that falls on the road to Izmir and has become the favorite of many domestic and foreign tourists, has contributed to tourism with this aspect.

Places To Visit Şirince

Şirince Bazaar

In şirince Bazaar, where you can soak up the village atmosphere to the end, you will not be able to walk!

In the village where the four seasons are full, it is obvious that nature blends with architecture. The resulting image is neither accepted nor described.

Şirince Köyü ÇarşısıDuring your trip, you can buy something from souvenir shops to surprise your loved ones and make them happy.  If you wish, coffee houses are guests to the tables of the local people, you can sip your tea accompanied by a conversation, or you can use your time in cafes and restaurants. Şirince Bazaar, We are certain that your life will add a little charm you will always remember.

Nesin Math Village

Math lovers here!

In the mathematics village of Nesin, where you will never meet his wife and the like, there are opportunities for you to miss life with mathematics. The village is in the lap of nature, with the most fun of learning.

In the village which hosts students and teachers from all over the world, there is a totally utopian life. The village is open only in summer. You can come to this village, 2 kilometers from the centre of şirince and gain interesting experiences.


The Kandilli of the goose mountains illuminates Yeşilyurt!

The village of Çanakkale, Ayvacık district, is located in the middle of the Kazdağlar and has become one of the most interesting villages of Çanakkale. For the village, it is a treasure hidden between Olive and pine trees.

Yeşilyurt KöyüAlbanian pavements and Latif stone houses, which add mystical air to the streets, are just a few of the features that enrich the village. The village of Yeşilyurt, which has a 700 year old history, is a village where the Greek and Turkish people lived together for a while. Besides, it is said that the spark of Zeus’s love for Aphrodite was first ignited here. Travellers looking for a quiet holiday, Yesilyurt village is a place for you. When you set foot in Yeşilyurt village, remember to chat with the local folk who will be hemhal.

Places To Visit In Yeşilyurt Village

Museum Of Technology From The Village To The City

The boutique Museum in Yeşilyurt village is definitely worth a visit. There are approximately 500 ethnographic works in the museum, which has been approved by the Ministry of culture. On Earth, the pieces of various civilizations that have ruled in the past and have survived today have been collected under one roof. There are also artifacts from the Ottoman period. You can see the first works of famous writers and artists known in the museum, as well as how many technological instruments such as radio and television were initially developed and how they were in their final state.

Visit the Technology Museum from the village to the city where history will pass like a film strip before your eyes.


An exceptional village in the blue of the Mediterranean: Faralya.

We talked about rare natural beauties in Muğla before. Here is one of them. Faralya, a decent village in Fethiye, Muğla.

Faralya KöyüFaralya village, where the intriguing ruins of Roman and Lycian history, butterflies Valley and Kabak Bay, where all the richness of nature are collected, are not worthy of the praise, Do you think? The other name of this precious village is Uzunyurt, which rests on the yalçın mountains, where the red pine forests dominate. We are not talking about the turquoise sea, which we know will impress you and the view that you can’t keep your eye on the moment you press your feet. In short, Islam is not told Faralya, it is lived! we say and write towns worth seeing in Faralya.

Places To Visit In Farala

Butterfly Valley

One of the first places to come to mind when it comes to Faralya is the Valley of the butterflies.

For detailed information about Butterfly Valley, please visit our article titled “Information about Butterfly Valley” on our website.

Aktaş Beach

Shine in the blue waters of Aktaş Beach!

Aktaş Beach is located near Kabak Bay and is a beach with cliffs. One of the unique features of the beach is the calm sea and the stunning view. Because it’s a safe place, you can set up a tent here if you want.


The sukunet you are looking for lies in Kaleköy!

Imagine a place where there is no single vehicle, no traffic, no shopping center, no exhaust fumes, no concrete buildings. Sound, imagine coming to your mind? Then we want our good news!

Imagination, not real!  That’s how it works in Kaleköy. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the general features of this amazing village.

KaleköyLocated in Demre district of Antalya, Kaleköy is also known as the ancient city of Simena dating from the Lycian civilization period. In Turkey, Land Transportation is one of the rare places. The conservative people are a home of peace with the birds who build the melodies that pass through the ear. “Well, how do we get to this lovely village?”we discussed this issue in our article with the idea that a question will appear.

Because there is no land transportation to Kaleköy, only by sea transportation is provided. The fishing boats adorning the seashore add incredible air to the village.

Kaleköy is looking forward to its visitors!

Places To Visit In Kaleköy

Lykia Grove

Did you know that Likya Lahidi, which became the symbol of Turkey, was in the Kaleköy sea?

We strongly recommend you to see the historical structure, which admires those who see it with its magnificent view.


Adatepe village, located in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale and opposite Edremit Bay, is the natural site of Turkey and is protected. In our opinion, it owes to us that nothing about its beauty has ever been lost. The various flowers decorating the windows of stone houses add a completely different atmosphere to the village. This village, which dominates in the shadow of historical trees and is one of the places where oxygen is highest in the world, envies the world!

Places To Visit In Adatepe Village

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

The olive oil museum is the only one in Turkey that has hosted many domestic and foreign tourists since 2001 and has emerged with the renovation of the sabunhane building in Küçükkuyu.

While olive oil production is achieved through dry printing method, tools and materials collected from neighboring villages are in place at the factory. At the same time, in the museum, how olive oil is produced, where it is stored, how it is filtered, etc. educational information is given in the subjects. It’s not bad to learn and have fun on the one hand.

Adatepe Streets

Architectural textured stone houses, which give you the impression that you are on a stage of history, frame the streets of Adatepe.

You have the opportunity to stay in these stone houses, which we believe you will find peace as you look at and are usually built in Greek time. Get ready to start the day with the green landscape!


In the Green Valley landscape, retreat to seclusion!

Located in Söke District of Aydın, Doğanbey Village is located between Dilek Peninsula and büyük Menderes Delta National Park. The old name is known as “tomatoes”. It was recorded as an ancient Greek village. You will see the clouds in the sky, around with the decent and humble people of the village, and the calmness of your soul. Come to the village of Doğanbey, where simplicity is adorned,

let your childhood memories be revived on Albanian pavements!

Places To Visit In The Village Of Doğanbey

Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park will open your horizons!

You can come across endangered species such as plant species, Mediterranean monk seals, Anatolian parquets in every corner of Anatolia, in the Museum of nature.


Azdavay is located northwest of Kastamonu province in the Western Black Sea. It is located in a rugged and wooded area. As a result of the archaeological excavations, about Azdavay, especially M.8. in the 20th century, it was found that meat, Hellenistic, Lydians, Byzantium and Romans were invaded by Paflagonians in different periods of time.

With Fatih Sultan Mehmet incorporated Kastamonu into the Ottoman borders in 1460, Azdavay became a parish of Daday district. Haven’t you seen Azdavay, which has become a popular spot for many tourists? Don’t wait any longer and get on the road.

You will be amazed at Azdavay, adorned by fir trees!

Places To Visit In Azdavay

Lovers Bridge

The lovers ‘ bridge’s fountain of fire, the love winds are blowing!

In the eyes of those who come to azdavay, the story of a mahbube woman who blossoms in the heart of a young man. In this story that happened centuries ago, the two loved ones holding hands carry their love for each other to immortality. That’s where the name of The Lovers bridge comes from.

Palace Waterfall

Saray waterfall, which adds vitality to Kastamonu tourism, offers excellent views to its visitors!

It is also called the “principal” of the waterfall, which is hardly known when it was built. This name stems from the centuries-old mills around it. With the sound of waterfall, you can capture beautiful moments that do not fit comfortably in your hand. Don’t leave Kastamonu without visiting azdavay’s mesmerizing Palace waterfall.


Finally, we turn our route to the original village of Kars, which is one of our provinces that crystallizes the northeast of Turkey, to the Boğatepe.

Boğatepe village deserves an applause from us! We’re guessing you don’t hear about the Kars Gruyere cheese, which has spread all over the world. As you know, the only village in Turkey where Kars Gruyere cheese is produced is Boğatepe village.

Let’s get down to the history of this village…

After the war, the Malachians settled in Kars, where they practiced agriculture and Animal Husbandry. The old name is “zavot” in the village, so milk and dairy products started to be produced. Later, the Swiss businessmen attracted the attention of the village, with the establishment of dairy for the manufacture of gruyere cheese, the production of Kars Gruyere began.

Places To Visit In Boğatepe Village

Zavot Eco Museum

At the Zavot Eco Museum, which has the title of” Turkey’s first cheese museum”, you will find a number of pieces of cheese from wooden materials used in cheese making to cream making machines.

In the first part of the museum, consisting of three parts, information about the history of the museum and the pioneers in the formation of cheese culture, in the second part,information about how to make cheese and plants, animal breeds, and in the third section, cheese that has been forgotten to remind visitors, the women’s grocery department is created in line Tasting is done in this section.

You, dear travelers, can visit these precious villages in our article and enrich your cultural experience.

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