Places to visit in Muğla 2020


Your soul lies at the foot of the Miftah-U Kalb-I, Mount Asar!

Muğla, which is located at the intersection point of the Aegean and Mediterranean, attracts attention with its historical and cultural structures and also mentions its name with its natural beauties.

In this article, we would like to tell you about places worth visiting in Muğla, which opens the doors of history.


In our article titled Places to visit in Muğla, we thought we should start with the Mansion Inn.19. the place where you will find the civilian architectural features of the century was built for accommodation.

The Han, which is located in the District of Müştakbey in Muğla, has given direction to the wooden architecture. The Mansion Inn was used as Muğla hotel in the years after the proclamation of the Republic. Han has completed himself twice as well. On the upper floor, it was used to accommodate merchants and seasonal workers who came to the city for commercial purposes. On the lower floor, there was an Animal House and a barn.


Every corner, like the Ottoman museum!
The Kurşunlu mosque located in the hinges Balibey neighborhood of Muğla was built on the request of Esseyid Şucaeddin Bey in 1493.

It was used as a madrasah before. The most striking feature of Kursunlu mosque is that the dome that is not found in any other mosque is covered with lead.

The pictures of the boat in the mosque, the Kaaba and the sails, make the visitors feel like painting exhibition! This masterpiece, mentioned in the famous Seyyah Evliya Çelebi’s Seyahatnamesi, is an important piece that has survived from the Ottoman period to the present day, where you can see the characteristics of Seljuk architecture.


16. the Shaykh Mosque, which belongs to the Ottoman period of the century, is located in Muğla’s District of Müştakbey. The mosque was built by Sheikh bedrettin in 1565.

There are graves of some of the prominent ulamas of the period, especially Sheikh bedrettin. Sheikh mosque, which has the most appointed mosque title, was repaired by Ummü Gülsüm Hatun in 1831 for the first time.

It was repaired for the second time in 1896 by şerif Efendi and Ragip Efendi. In addition, the mosque, Ummü Gülsüm Hatun’s wife Osman Aga mosque has established large-scale foundations. The structure, which captures the perfect harmony of simplicity and beauty, was created with emphasis on white and turquoise colors.


The museum, which has the title of “First Natural History Museum” in Turkey, is located next to Konaksal Cultural Center, has been used as a prison before. As a result of the excavations carried out in the Kakılatepe region of Özbucu village in 1992, numerous fossils of plants and animals were found. With the display of these fossils in the museum, Muğla museum opened its official opening in 1994.

Some of the carnivorous animal fossils found in the excavations are exhibited in the Natural History section of the museum. Many of the archaeological remains exhibited in the museum were excavated from the ancient city of Stratonikeia.

There are three main sections and an art gallery in Muğla Museum. The ethnography section, based on local costumes belonging to Muğla and various periods of the city, shows its visitors the colorful side of the museum.


Muğla houses are not left to hear the famous chimneys.
The chimneys of Muğla, which has become a symbol of the city with its use for centuries, have been constructed in the 19th century. it has been used since the century.

With the spread of corrugated roof tiles, the Muğla people who used the roofs made of soil until 1940 started building roof tiles in their homes. These chimneys, which were developed considering the weather conditions of Muğla with plenty of rain and wind, were created by the Greek Masters.

The Greek masters we mentioned were also interested in handicrafts and crafts during the Ottoman period. As time passed, such constructions became widespread among Turkish construction Masters.

The chimneys are designed to be open on all sides to prevent heavy rain and wind. The chimneys have closed and wide mouths. Thus, it is known to be more secure.


In other words, the ancient city of Kbid was an important port used to trade in ancient times, but it lost its port feature as a result of the sea being filled with alluviums.

According to the poet Ovidius, while he grew up with the twin children of Miletus, Kaunos and Biblis, the twin loved his brother very much, and because of his intense love for him, he wanted to be with him constantly.

When Biblis informed him of his love for Kaunos in a letter, The King, who was very angry at this situation, did not want to see Biblisi again, so he fled from Miletus and came to the border with Caria and established the city of Kaunos. However, like many ports on the Anatolian Coast, Kaunos has remained quite inland from the coast.

One of the first things you will notice when you arrive in the ancient city of Kaunos may be the tombs of Kings carved into rocks.


One of the Seven Wonders of the world is in Muğla!
This monument was built by his wife and sister Artemisia in halicarnassos, in the name of King Mausolos, and was built in Bodrum district of Muğla 2400 years ago.

This masterpiece, which was also used as an open-air museum, was demolished in 1034 with the experience of the Great Anatolian earthquake.12. in the 19th century, when Saint Jean Knights arrived in Bodrum, they built Bodrum Castle, one of the ruins of the ruined monument.


Iztuzu beach, where fresh water is blended with sea water, is setting up a throne in the hearts of holiday lovers with its babayani attitude!
The total length of the beach in Dalyan, which is in the province of Ortaca, Muğla, is 4.5 km.

Caretta caretta lays eggs in the region, the beach is called “Turtle Beach” brings with it. You can also see the Nile turtles on the beach. The Times newspaper, “Europe’s best open area” described as the thin sandy Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan’dan reached by road.

There are cabins and kiosks in Iztuzu and Dalyan mouth beach facilities located behind the beach. After travelling in the calm waters of the sea, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. In the sweet waters of the lake next to the other side, you can enjoy the pleasures that do not exist.

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