Muğla Excursion Areas And Ruins 2020

Beçin Castle and ruins

Beçin Castle, which lays Milas under your feet, is 5 km away from Milas. Beçin Castle, which is only the ruins of us today, has been home to many civilizations.

According to archeological studies, Life in this region, M.It dates back to 3000 BC. The castle, also known as berçin or barçin, was protected by UNESCO in 2012.

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The Belgian Castle continued its importance from the Romans to the Ottomans. It is possible to find ruins from the Early Bronze Age to the Turkish principalities in Berçin Castle.

The civilizations that host berçin have also made new additions here. Some of them are madrasahs and tombs built near Berçin Castle. This Madrasah is Ahmad Gazi Madrasah, which was built by Ahmad Ghazi. Another example is the Orhan mosque built in the same place.

Do not pass until you see Berçin Castle, where the breezes of various civilizations coexist.

Herakleia Ruins

The ancient city of Herakleia is located within the borders of Kapıkırı village today. Herakleia Antique City, although it has no definite information about the founding date of the city, has been seen as one of the cities of the Carians. The ancient city was named after alkemene and Herakles, son of Zeus.

Herakleia Ruins Located in the east of Lake BAFA, the city is surrounded by a 6.5 km long city walls. Kent, M.8. in the 20th century, it was dominated by the Karian civilization. In later times Alexander was under the rule of Seleukos.

The city walls, cemeteries and the ruins of the theatre, which have been expertly carved into the Old Port City, are open to our visit today and ready to admire its visitors.

Euromos Ruins

As we have learned from the archaeological work carried out, the historical history of the city6. it goes back to the century. The most vital point of the ancient city of Euromos is the Temple of Zeus Lepsynos built here. M. M.2. it is thought that the temple built in the century cannot be completed.

Euromos Ruins The most important feature of the temple is that it is one of the best temples in Turkey. do not pass by visiting the Temple of Zeus Lepsynos, which has survived for thousands of years.

Damlibogaz / Hydia Ruin

Although we do not have much information about damlibogaz, the city was founded by M. Ö.That dates back to 3 thousand years.

Damlibogaz Ruins The name of the city was derived from the Greek language “hydia” which means “water”. Due to the alluviums carried to the city, there were no thicknesses built in the city.

Knidos Ruins

The history of the Knidoslular settled on the tip of the Mediterranean and Aegean.4. it goes back to centuries. The people of Knidos, who settled in the strategic region, have developed very well in trade with their ports. The port of this city was formed in two separate ways; the first was used for commercial purposes and the second was used for military purposes.

The people developing in wine trade have become very rich in time. At the same time, Knidos people have made great progress in art, architecture and medicine.

Knidos Ruins Important structures such as a huge necropolis, temples (Corinth Temple, Aphrodite temple), churches, parliament building, an Odeon, which shows the seasons, are home to the city.

The most famous building that increases the importance of the city is the Aphrodite statue. However, the original of this famous statue has not yet been reached. The most important feature of the statue is that it is the first naked woman statue in the world.

M. M.The people of Knidos left the region and settled in the highest area of the region and continued their lives with the conquest of the Persian Empire by Tekir burnu in 360 BC.

The ancient city of Knidos, which is home to many civilizations, and the artistic structures left by these civilizations will be waiting for visitors in April and October.

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