To experience an unforgettable holiday experience, there is no need to be kardelen in the mountains, crack the soil and push the boundaries! The Pearl of the Gulf of Gokova, Akyaka, the new favorite of the holiday makers, will give you Days of nostalgia with its historical smelling lands.

Those who see the Akyaka of ULA, which lies between Muğla and Marmaris, are enthralled by the blue-white Mediterranean seas, rivers and lakes worth seeing! Akyaka, which hosts various civilizations from antiquity to the present day, will make the streets painted purple by the Begonians and the pine trees, which are the courts of the Earth and the region where you are.

Akçapınar Beach, adrenaline-filled Kitesurf and kiteboarding you can do at the same time around the villages with jeep safari tours Akyaka’nın, the most valuable accessory, undoubtedly has the wonders of nature.

Let’s talk about places to visit in Akyaka.

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Visitors arriving by bus to Akyaka can use Muğla bus station for departing buses every half hour.

If you come by plane, you will have to buy tickets to Dalaman airport. Airport vehicles to Marmaris bus station in Dalaman are in service for you. At the end of the journey for about 1.5 hours, you will have reached Akyaka.



Akyaka beach, which is one of Aegean’s valuable coastal strips, admires those who see it with its beautiful and immaculate texture, the ages of the rain-capped sea, and its exquisite ambiance. This beach, which has been awarded the “Blue Flag” Award by Muğla, is also a public beach.

You can enjoy pleasant moments in the cafes and restaurants behind the beach and among nature-giving trees.

You will not be satisfied with the simplicity of nature and swimming in clear bays with the natural Orchestra accompanied by the freedom symphonies, bird sounds.


You don’t need an interpreter to understand Akyaka’s charm! You will be closely witness by the plane beach, covered with small pebbles.

The beach, which is one of the most popular places by holiday lovers, contains the Azmak pond. If you are looking for a quiet beach, we welcome you to Çınar Beach, which is located 3 km from Akyaka centre.


The river, which is an aquarium to Akyaka, kneels to perfection!

The azmak River, where the Underground is expressed, is flooded with locals and tourists.

This fresh water river is 1200 meters long and 8 meters deep.

Do not forget to take a boat tour in the river, which bridges between the reeds and trees! During the 30-minute tour, you can witness the friendship of the fish with the turtles and greet you with the Ducks accompanying you. And you can also see the otters. Canoeing and surfing enthusiasts, over here!

We invite you to challenge the Azmak River. On the banks of many water sports, you can enjoy the view. You can enjoy breakfast and dinner in the surrounding restaurants.


In the heart of Muğla, the opportunity to camp at sea zero!

In the camp area, 150 km from Akyaka beach, in the green shelter of the forest, there are huge tents among the trees clamped together. 8 in the area where there are sheep, you can set up your tent wherever you want, and you can easily enter the sea.

After parking your car to the campground entrance, you will be able to step into a dreamlike area. To hang you in your tent, the number of cards issued by the officials prevented the use of illegal tents.

We are sure that you will have pleasant moments during your stay at Akyaka forest camp accompanied by the nidas of the fragrant flowers of nature.

You can meet your basic needs in the camp area, hot-cold showers and laundry facilities, such as dishwashers are offered to your service.

The envoys of the forest, with the Universal temperatures of the birds, you will be far away from the urban noise.


The Golden Light is hidden on Sedir Island’s Beach!

The island, engraved in the minds with its golden sandy beach and crystal clear sea, is the only one in Turkey!

The island, which was called Kedra/Cedra in ancient times, located on the lap of Marmaris, is within the boundaries of Ula district. It is also known as Cleopatra island. The reason is based on a legend.

According to legend, Cleopatra and Antonius swam here. Embroidered with the ruins of the ancient city of Cedrae, the region gives visitors an aesthetic pleasure. You can go to Cedar Island by boat service on Çamlık Pier.


The person who does not come out of the sunless flower color to Sakartepe is unaware of Gökova!

On the 900-meter-high terrace, you will see the generosity of nature. On the terrace where you can watch the Earth and the sky at the same level, your tea will become more delicious.

Now, how to get to Sakartepe. Just after passing the village of Kızılağaç on the road to Muğla/Marmaris, you reach Sakar pass. You will arrive at Sakartepe at the end of the road leading into the forest, almost 500 meters away.


Aydin Didim’s registered beauty Akbuk does not recognize the opponent!

The cove, which does not contain anything that is artificial, is ready to take its place in your travel plans. From the mountains, walk to the sea! This is one of the most rare places in which peace is the crown jewel.

With every minute you spend, you will be able to soak the pages of your memory book. Not only in the water, but also on land! In the Bay where you can picnic, the geese will be next to you.

And whatever you’re looking for here! Akbük Bay has many cafes, restaurants and markets. Finally, let’s talk about how to get to the Bay where we can’t finish: if you follow the way to Çınar Bay, you will see Akbük Bay after 17 km.


Come to küfre and have a natural port!

Come to the magnificent dance of the leaves of the tree, and witness the Bay of Küfre!

The Bay, which is frequented by Blue cruise boats, holds all shades of green and blue under its wings.

At the end of the seven islands, you will see the Bay.

End your day by immersing the sun with the image of Kufr Bay that resembles Hazan time!


Degirmenbükü is worthy of the title of “the greatest bay of Gökova”!

The cove, which is the center of interest of the holidaymakers with its emerald green sea, which is still in the pine forests, manages to carry itself to the top of the list of most visited coves. You don’t have to go through hard roads to get to these clean waters.

You can reach değirmenbükü by passing through the asphalt along the Karacasöğüt junction on the Muğla/Marmaris Highway.


The history of 2500 years ago will pass in front of you like an illusion scene!

The influence of the city, which is located in Gökova, a deep-rooted treasure of civilization history, is visible at the foot of the Kiran mountain. History Stage M.5. the Idyma, which emerged in the middle of the century, is located at the top of Gökova/Kozlukuyu.

The city survived until today with its architecture ranging from Stone decorations to rock tombs. Do you know why rock tombs are built like houses?

For those who do not know, rock tombs were built to create a place where people who died could spend their next lives. We await you to the ancient city of Idyma.


The noise of lilies is going to be on your hair!

A journalist who built peace, poet nail Çakırhan, has been the subject of the agenda with his ULA style house built for him before and has taken the first steps to shape the city architecture.

The house is very popular with people living in the region. In homes designed based on the needs of the residents of the region, natural resources of the region are used.

You will find traces of the civilizations of South Western Anatolia in the Houses of wood and stone. Houses with detached buildings that are not adjacent to each other are generally two-storied.

Gardens and colourful bougainvilleas adorning the walls of the houses, Zawahiri, an eye will allow you to fit your taste. You can also rent rooms from these houses. With its Akyaka-specific architecture, nail Çakırhan houses will always remain a part.

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