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Visa-Free And Cheap 10 Countries


To see different places, to taste new tastes, to see cultures that have been protected by nations for centuries, to see people who are integrated with Customs and traditions, to feel the different climates that we are accustomed to, and to see the magnificent natural beauty that appears as part of our paintings have always adorned the dreams of many of us.

However, both visa procedures and expensive countries have discouraged us from these dreams. In this article, as understood from the title, we prepared for you visa-free and cheap countries will talk about.


The paradise of the Earth is dazzling with the beauty of the Philippines!

Vizesiz Filipinler
Vizesiz Filipinler

The Philippines, An Island in Asia, is also known as the pearl of the eastern sea. You don’t have to wait for the summer months to see the waters, the fresh air and the tropical atmosphere that contain every shade of blue.

The average annual temperature is 26.7 Imagelan you can visit the Philippines every season. In the Philippines, with more than 7000 beautiful islands from each other, it’s not like they’re gonna run out of places to see.

Chocolate Hills, El Nido Islands reminiscent of paradise, Coron Island, dazzling Siquijor island, Iloilo, mayonnaise volcano, the best beach in 2012, Boracay island, green rice terraces and more are waiting for your visit.

Don’t forget to include the Philippines, where you can visit without a visa for 30 days, stay at hotels and hostels for very reasonable prices, taste new tastes from the rich Filipino cuisine, and have massages.


Our second stop, Indonesia, is full of the unique beauty of Southeast Asia!

Vizesiz Endonezya
Vizesiz Endonezya

Indonesia, which has thousands of islands, is the largest archipelago in the world. Unique temples integrated with nature are one of the most beautiful images of Indonesia.

You can visit Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Torajaland, Flores Island, Raja Ampat, Tanjung Puttinging National Park, especially in Yogyakarta with its dazzling structure.

You can stay without a visa for 60 days in Indonesia. With an expenditure of $ 30 a day, you can easily meet and visit your accommodation, eating and drinking needs.


Sri Lanka Is A Wonder Of Nature!

Vizesiz Srilanka
Vizesiz Srilanka

3 of our list. we continue with an island country. Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean and is located just south of India. There is a visa in Sri Lanka, one of South Asia’s paradise, but don’t worry about it.

It is very easy to issue a 1-month visa for travel purposes. For this purpose you can easily get it on the web site or when entering the country at a price of $ 25.

You can travel to Sri Lanka, which means a gleaming country in Ceylon, with an expenditure of $ 25 per day. In addition, urban transportation in Sri Lanka is also very convenient. Among the places to visit in Sri Lanka, you can place the Adem Tepesi, which is visited by the most tourists.

Adam Hill, according to the Hadith Hz. While Adem is considered to be the first place to tread the Earth, Buddhists regard it as the first place to tread Buddha.

In the list of places to visit, you can find Sigiriya Castle, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa trio called the Golden Triangle. Kandy, an important city for Sri Lanka, Hatton with its stream, tangle with its blue waters and numerous beaches, do not pass without seeing the historical sites that are integrated with nature. Apart from that, it is essential to come to Sri Lanka and take a city tour with elephants, visit vast beaches, see fishermen fishing in traditional ways.


Georgia, South Caucasus, where you can travel freely without a visa and without a visa.

Vizesiz Gürcistan
Vizesiz Gürcistan

Batumi city of Georgia is very interested in tourism because of its proximity to our country. Another city to be visited outside Batumi is Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

You can visit an Ottoman castle in Akhaltsikhe, Mtsheta and Stepantsminda, and the monasteries and churches. Georgia will be a great getaway for you to see and visit the traces of its history, which dates back to ancient times.


Let us continue our list with Macedonia, one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. I suggest that you add Macedonia to your trip route, which will captivate you with both historical places and views.

Vizesiz Makedonya
Vizesiz Makedonya

You can stay without a visa for 90 days in Macedonia. You can visit the cities of Tetova, Skopje and resne, which bear the traces of the Ottoman Empire, visit the churches in Ohrid and then take a boat tour in Macedonia, visit the matka Canyon, St. Yuhanna Church and the historical Ottoman Stone Bridge. Macedonia offers affordable accommodation.


We continue our list with Bulgaria, which has hosted various civilizations.

Vizesiz Bulgaristan
Vizesiz Bulgaristan

Even if Bulgaria asks for a Schengen visa, don’t be intimidated because it leaves in a few days.
With its proximity to us you can have a small getaway for holidaymakers in Bulgaria.

You can take a bus to Bulgaria to make your holiday At Reasonable Prices. You can also make your stay more advantageous by staying at the hostel.

Now it’s time to talk about the cities of Bulgaria that smell of history. As we mentioned before, Bulgaria has hosted various civilizations. While visiting Bulgaria, you can explore the traces of Rome, while exploring the structures from the Ottoman period.

Saint George Church, a work of the Romans, is one of the oldest buildings in Bulgaria. Sveti Sedmochislitsi Church, which is used today as a church, is a mosque designed by Mimar Sinan during the Ottoman period. It is also known as the black mosque. In addition, you can visit Friday mosque in Plovdiv city, which is also an Ottoman Monument.

Bulgaria, where various civilizations add color, will be a good option for your holiday plan.


Another country with traces of the Ottoman Empire is Albania!

Vizesiz Arnavutluk
Vizesiz Arnavutluk

The name Albania, which is surrounded by mountains, is also derived from its geographical structure. Albania is a Balkan country that will warm you up with its towns, historic places and nature.

As we mentioned in other Balkan countries in Albania, you can visit Ottoman-era buildings. Some of them include The King’s mosque in the city of Elbasan, the mosque of namazgah and Nazire, the houses reminiscent of Safranbolu houses in Berat, the single mosque in Berat, the Hünkar Mosque, the Kurşunlu Mosque and the clock mosques. In Saranda, one of the most important tourism centers in Albania, you can visit the towns and beaches of Boroth, Dhermia, Himara and Jal.

Be sure to include the UNESCO-protected city of Gjirokaster on your trip route to the village of Ksamil, which is the shore of the Ion Sea.

You can stay in Albania for 90 days without a visa. Also here you will not suffer with reasonable prices.


Ukraine is a country where you can visit both without a visa and without a passport.

Vizesiz Ukrayna
Vizesiz Ukrayna

Let’s start with the activities you can do in Ukraine, where you can only log in with a new (chip) ID card. First of all, if you go to Ukraine, the officials there will ask you how much money you have, return tickets or something. However, this process will not take too long to scare you.

As the Turkish lira is more valuable than the Ukrainian Grivna, you can spend 50 dollars a day on accommodation, eating and drinking, sightseeing and so on.

We start with Hoverla, the first of our list of places to visit in Ukraine. Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine (6,762 feet). It would be a nice choice for climbing lovers with Hoverla.

Now we take you to the pyhoriv open museum with its lush atmosphere. Pyhoriv will warm you up with his lovely windmills, his houses and his church.

Construction XII. St. Louis to the 13th century Michael’s golden domed cathedral visit the monastery of Domed Monastery, boat tour in the Dnieper River, the first construction of Xi. Century, but again, built the Golden Gate ride, again XI. Visiting the Cathedral of St. Sofia, built in the century, is just a few of the to-do list.


Now we take you to Peru, the home of the Inca Empire. Peru is one of the countries in the west of South America that do not require a visa from Turkey.

Vizesiz Peru
Vizesiz Peru

The world’s 7. Peru, which is home to the wonderfully Machu Picchu, is among the countries that will impress you with its interesting traditions and colorful cultures. Although the cost of going to Peru is a little high, you can take this cost a little further down with transfer flights.

As for Peru, There is no doubt that Machu Picchu will be the work of the Inca Empire. Another historical building belonging to Incas is Coricancha.

Coricancha, once used as a place of worship, was of great importance to the Incans.

Another thing to do when you arrive in Peru is to tour the Amazon river. Here you will have the chance to see pirhans, pink dolphin fish and other sea creatures. You can also add Cuzco and its streets, Lima, capital city, Arequipa and many more to your route.


Our last stop is Tunisia, the northern African country.

Vizesiz Tunus
Vizesiz Tunus

Tunisia is home to many great empires. Tunisia, which is on the Mediterranean coast, manages to attract those who come with a rich atmosphere and a rich cuisine.

One of the most visited places in Tunisia is Hammamet. George Sebastian Villa, especially the beach, and some of the nice places to visit. The Byrsa Hill, which will bring Tunisia to your feet, is the perfect view of blue and white, Sidi Bou Said, just a few places to visit the Bardo Museum.

Tunisia is ready to impress you with its rich cuisine, beautiful beaches, colorful streets, mosques, madrasahs and baths built hundreds of years ago.

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