Turkey’s Top Aquaparks

With the start of summer, aquaparks are preferred as a refreshing and fun choice. It is a good choice for those who get overwhelmed by hot weather. We will recommend the best 10 Aquapark facilities in Turkey.


Adaland, Turkey’s largest aquaparkı title is located at the top of our list. It is 20 km away from Kuşadası. The area where the plant is established is in the forest. Aquapark slides and amusement parks are updated every year with the most up-to-date equipment from Europe. The entertainment tracks are located below.


Slide & Fly : After sliding the slide, you can fly to the pool for a short ride.

Head Down & Freefall : Compete with your friends by sliding face-to-face in four side-by-side shifts.

Loop Track : Pipe-shaped slides 360 degrees turn to experience adrenaline.

Water Coaster : Go on a safari tour with slides built into the forest.

Amazon Kaydırağı : A total of 400-meter Slide 6 people can take a boat and have fun.

Yamaç Kaydırağı : Enjoy the speed-up of aquaparks on the indispensable slide.

Yamaç Kaydırağı XL : Double the fun with twice as big a hillside slide.

Kırmızı Fantom : Double the fun with twice as big a hillside slide.

Kamikaze : A refreshing pool awaits you at the tip of a 50-meter-long slide.

Racer : Is a good option for those who want to skate at high speed.

White Tiger : Have fun with 4-Person side-by-side slides.

Tarantula : A slow but alternating slide.

Çılgın Nehir : An adventurous and fun mini-rafting trail.

Büyük Tornado : Preference aquapark slides, plain and classic.

Gök Kuşağı : A course where our little guests will have fun.

Black Hole : Enjoy the fun of a long, winding slide.

Sarı Piton : Enjoy the slide with 2-person boots.

There is also an outdoor pool, a children’s pool, a wave pool, Jacuzzi, lazy river, trampoline and safari park. In addition, the Dolphinpark resort is charged with dolphin fish and offers a swimming pool. Food and beverages are not allowed on site. There is a café serving fast food.


Adaland is open for 4 months per year. The opening of the season is held on May 7. The season ended on September 18th. Adaland entry prices are offered in 2 different ways. You can purchase a combined ticket in the season or you can purchase a daily entry ticket.

Adaland Tek Kişi Sezonluk Üyelik : 475 TL

Adaland Tek Kişi Günlük Giriş Ücreti : Yetişkin (10+ yaş) 90TL, Çocuk (4 ile 9 yaş arası) 70TL, Bebek (0-3 yaş) Ücretsiz.

Dolphin Show Giriş Ücreti : 50TL



Izmir’s largest Aquapark with the title of every summer visitors even from the surrounding area. Located in Menderes district of Izmir, the Aquapark is located near the beach in the city. There are alternative areas for sightseeing with gumuldur being close to Nature Park. With its proximity to the beach, it is an ideal choice. The facility is built on 19 acres of a large facility. It is 30 km away from the airport and 40 km away from Izmir.


Tube Freefall : Experience adrenaline with a rapid shift without seeing your way through the tube-shaped slide.

Kamikaze : A fun ride awaits you in a flat and long slide.

High Kamikaze : If you’re looking for a quick and water-splash fun, your choice should be this.

Rafting Slide : Pull against artificial waves with mini rafting course.

Black Hole : Black hole, a dark and winding slide, is one of the most popular trails.

Space Tunnel : As the name implies, those who want to experience the centrifugal force may prefer.

Hill Slide : Aquaparks indispensable slope slides are always popular.

Bugi Bugi : Some parts of the open and some parts of the closed with a beautiful experience.

Also on-site outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, a wave park, such as recreational activities Jacuzzi are also available. It also has its own private beach and is equipped with sun loungers and relaxation areas. Food and beverages are allowed inside. You can feed your stomach with a snack bar.


Gümüldür Aquapark prices for the 2019 season 14 years and over weekdays 85TL weekend was priced as 99tl.Children’s entrance prices for 7-13 years for 65tl weekdays and 79TL weekends are priced as.Children between 0-6 years of age can enter free of charge with their parents.There is service from every district of Izmir. You will need to call and make a reservation in order to provide transportation by shuttle service.Admission rates include a buffet meal.


Being the first Aquapark of Antalya, the facility is constantly being developed. Botanic tree and nature theme was used as a theme. The facility has been operating since 1994 and is one of the first water park-themed facilities in Turkey. It is located in Muratpaşa district of Antalya. The environment is often preferred by the hotel and the local community. It is close to side and Kemer, one of Antalya’s most popular holiday resorts.


Return Tour : It is a fun track with a lot of turns and turns..

Flat Speed : An adventure-packed slider with a high slope.

Fourth Fall : Have fun with four side-by-side slides.

Dark Tube : Beech quickly without seeing you on the dark trails of the amusement park..

Wave Combat : Compete against giant waves.

Hill Fall : Enjoy the water with the slope slide, which is a classic Aquapark trail.

Aqualand also shows dolphin fish with Dolphin Park on site. You can also swim with dolphin fish. It will be an ideal choice for you to have a peaceful and pleasant day in nature.


Antalya’s most preferred entrance fees are 70TL full ticket for the year 2019, 55tl student ticket, 50tl children’S ticket.Entrance fees for Dolphinpark are TL 65tl, student and child tickets are TL 45. In addition, if you want to swim with dolphin fish 500tl fee is charged.Aqualand operates every day of the week between 08:00 and 17:00. Beginning in June, the season ends in mid-September.


It is the largest Aquapark of Marmaris. The facility was inaugurated in 2005. It started with a wave park. There are 20 leisure trails. It is set on the seafront and 20 metres from the beach. It is visited frequently by local and foreign tourists coming to Marmaris.


Space Bowl : Funnel-shaped course turns to the pool from the hole in the middle of the thought ends.

Wild River : Enjoy slippage along with an open slide from rapidly flowing water.

Black Hole : Experience the adrenaline of gliding without seeing your face in the dark indoor slide.

Rainbow : Get ready for a rolling adventure while sliding with 4 bumps of the scroll.

Super Slide : Ideal choice for uneven and winding slides.

Kamikaze : Get into the water quickly from the 50-meter-long slide.

Splash Boat : Join a winding excursion with a wide water slide.

Free Fall : You’il be in the air for a few seconds..

Flat Slide : You can breathe a little with flat slides.


Atlantis waterpark entrance fees are stated as full ticket 70tl and children’S ticket 40tl.

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Türkiye'nin En İyi Aquaparkları
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