Places to swim in Fethiye

Places to swim in Fethiye
15 July 2020

Where to go swimming in the bay paradise Fethiye? As Myfriendoo family, we have prepared this article to give you some tips and information.

How do you take a holiday in Fethiye? What are the holiday suggestions of Fethiye? If you are one of those who ask, you can start reading our article.

Kabak Bay

This bay is 33 km from the center of Fethiye. It is a quiet bay surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and 200 meters of stony beach that opens to the sea.

How can I go to Kabak Bay?

First of all, you need to choose the way of getting there. If you want to go by sea, you can reach the bay from Oludeniz by boats departing at 19:00 every day or in the evening or you can reach the bay by renting a boat yourself. You can click here to rent a boat, or If you want to go for a boat trip in the magnificent nature formations, including Kabak Bay, you can click here.

Another way is, of course, the Highway. Kabak Bay is 33 km from Fethiye, 17 km from Ölüdeniz and 4 km from Butterfly Valley. You can also reach Faralya Village with your own vehicle. If you have a land vehicle, you can get to Koy by using the service road that goes from Last Stop Cafe to Koy.

myfriendoo.com Kabak Bay

Our guests who prefer vehicle-free transportation should go to the Faralya village with Faralya minibuses departing from Fethiye Bus Station and every hour at 07:00 / 19:00. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and costs 10 TL per person. (May vary by season)

Last Stop is the last stop of minibuses to Faralya village. And here you need to get off.

After reaching here, you can choose to walk or you can wait for the minibuses that serve the Bay and get off by public transport. A trip that takes about 10 minutes will meet you after a journey that takes about 10 minutes per person.

It is a very attractive place for those who want to listen and enjoy the silence. You can even take photos of squirrels from where you lie in this region, which is home to many endemic animals.

Since the region is 1st degree natural protected area and 3rd degree historical protected area, there are no big hotels in the area. Instead, there are Bungalows, Tree Houses and Campgrounds where you can stay.

Camp fees generally include electricity and water. But it is useful to get information from the facility you will stay. Often breakfast can also be included in stays with breakfast included.

Of course, there is no requirement that you will definitely stay at the facility. You can also pick up your own tent. The question most asked and wondered by the holidaymakers who come to their tent is whether or not there is shower and wc. Shower and WC are available in the area.

There are buffets and markets for your grocery shopping, but you are likely to pay higher than average.

There are many different and quite stylish businesses such as Turan Camping, Shambala, Dervish Lodge, Kabak Naturel Life, Gemile Kamp, Shanti Garden Camping, Reflections.

Kabak Bay entrance is free. But camping areas where you can stay are chargeable. Although it varies according to the seasons, you can stay with peace of mind as it is generally suitable.

It is useful to go prepared for the beach. That is, umbrellas, chaise lounges, chairs etc. During the season, especially in July and August, the sea, which is both crowded and generally fluctuating and can deepen at once, may present some danger to those who cannot swim and families with children.

Fire can be lit in certain parts of the camp sites in the region. But it is dangerous and forbidden to light a fire outside the campground. The region is strictly controlled.

Although there were problems in the shooting of Gsm lines in the region before, there is no such problem today. All kinds of operators can easily attract.

Karaot Beach

Karaot Beach is another place where you can swim in Fethiye. Since the Caretta Caretta Turtles are within the breeding area, the region is considered a protected area.

There is no place in the area where you can rent any sunbed or umbrella. As such, it is forbidden to plant a beach umbrella at a random place on the beach. You can sew your beach umbrella to the designated places.

Although the beach and the sea are generally sandy, there may be an area mixed with gravel in places, so it is useful to go with sea shoes. It has one of the shallow areas in terms of sea level in the region, so it is a beach preferred by beginners and families with children.

For our guests who love angling, there is a fresh water source on the land of the beach. Since it is a reed area, it hosts many creatures. These guests can enjoy the moment by fishing here.

Although there is no WC and Shower facilities on the beach, it is useful to take your food and drinks with you.

The entrance fee is 20 TL per person and may differ depending on the season.

How Do I Go to Karaot Beach?

When you go to Karaot beach on the D400 highway in the direction of Göcek for about 20 minutes, you will first see Kargı and then the village of Yaniklar. Normally you will have to turn left from Yanıkla village level because you are coming from Göcek, but since the road is not suitable for this, you need to make a U-turn and follow the road from Yaniklar village line to the left side pathway area. After paying the entrance fee in the barriers, you will find the entrance to the Beach.

Çalış Beach

It is a place where you should definitely watch the sunset.

We recommend that you go with sea shoes as it has a stony beach.

The upper part of Calis beach has a road where cafes and pedestrians walk. If you have a car, you can park it in the back street of the cafes.

Entry to Calis beach is free and you pay 40 TL for umbrellas and sun loungers. (May vary according to season)

Since the beach has one of the breeding grounds of caretta caretta, entrance to the beach is prohibited at 19:30.


Although the sea is calm in the morning, it can be quite wavy in the afternoon. Therefore, since windsurfing creates favorable conditions for parasailing, you can do such activities or you can share your excitement by watching those who do it.

How can I go to Calis beach?

You can reach the beach after a 10-minute journey by getting on the dolmus from Fethiye districts. Transfers are made quite often.

Kumburnu Beach

Kumburnu beach is also in Ölüdeniz national park and is 15 km away from the center of Fethiye.

,Since it is in the national park, there is a fee of 27 TL per vehicle. (It may differ depending on the season)


It is ideal for families with children as its sea is soft sandy. However, since the beach is mixed with gravel, it will be beneficial to have sea shoes. Also, since it is a lagoon, its sea is more calm and wave-free than other bays. Therefore, it is preferred for new learners and families with children.

30 TL fee is required for rental of umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach (varies according to the season)

You can meet your market needs in businesses on the beach, but it is still useful to be prepared.

While resting on the beach, you can also watch those who do Paragliding.

Butterfly Valley

The region has been declared as a 1st degree protected area since 1995. This valley is 25 km from the center of Fethiye and on the skirts of Babadağ. You can reach the beach by boats departing from Ölüdeniz every day.

There are a lot of Tiger Butterfly living in the area in colonies. In fact, the landscape is immense, as the area is home to many butterfly species, not just the tiger butterfly. A butterfly will probably be a companion on your trip to the Faralya side.


Since the beach is rocky, it is useful to go with sea shoes. In order to go to Butterfly Valley, you need to get on the boats departing from Ölüdeniz. You can click here for a boat trip on the Butterfly Valley on the sightseeing route.

When it comes to accommodation, it is possible to camp in the Butterfly Valley for a fee. If you do not want to camp, you can hang out on the beach until 5 pm, and then return to Oludeniz by boats.

Apart from the tent, it is also possible to camp in the comfort of the bungalow and Glamping in the camping area. If you do not want any of these, if you want to experience this pleasure with your own tent, it is useful to do double protection to the ground as the ground is rocky.

 Kıdrak Bay Beach

This beach, located in Kıdrak nature park, is 15 km away from the center of Fethiye. The fee is 8 TL per person, and 24 TL when you want to go with your private vehicle (may vary depending on the season). You can also take your own belongings or rent umbrellas and sun beds. Their fee is 40 TL and pricing may vary according to the season.

Ölüdeniz is a crowded area in general and the beach of this beach, which will be preferred by those who like a little more calmness, is gravel in places but there are also sand areas. It is useful to go with sea shoes in order to be cautious.



You can meet your market needs from the business located on the beach. There are also wc and shower facilities on the beach.

No special area is reserved as a camping area, but those who want to camp with their own tents and facilities can still stay under the trees. However, it is forbidden to light a fire as it is a national park. We would like to inform our guests who will stay.

Again, there are picnic tables, restaurants and businesses where you can meet your extra eating and drinking needs.

Kuleli Beach

If you are looking for a quiet and calm sea, Kuleli Beach is just for you. Entrance to this beach, which is located within the border of Keçiler Mahallesi, is free but there is a 20 TL entrance fee for those who will come by car (it may vary according to the season).

The sea is very clear and there are almost no waves, but it is useful to wear sea shoes because of the gravels in places. As it is a shallow area, it is ideal for families with children and beginners.


There is a small business in the area. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented for 20 TL. This fee may differ according to the season.

Important Note: Pricing information provided on the blog may differ according to the seasons and is for informational purposes only. Our website does not accept any responsibility regarding the subject.