Oludeniz Paragliding Cost 2020

Oludeniz Paragliding Cost 2020
02 January 2019

Exploring the sky has always been a matter of curiosity for people. Take your place for a fun and adventurous holiday this summer. Enjoy the freedom by taking a few steps from the 1965-metre summit of the Babadag. The number of foreign tourists coming from abroad to experience this event, as well as domestic holiday makers, is too high to be underestimated.



Are you ready to fly from Ölüdeniz, the best spot in Turkey to do paragliding sport? All you have to do is make your reservation and enjoy paragliding sport. Add a new experience to your life with the adrenaline-filled flight with security measures and experienced pilots. Our pilots include a female paragliding pilot. Female passengers wishing to fly can request a female pilot upon request. For couples, there is the possibility to fly side by side with flights starting at the same time.



There is a possibility to fly from the Babadağ summit at Fethiye Ölüdeniz in 12 months of the year. Ölüdeniz paragliding prices in 2019, whether you want more advantageous with a package tour or just paragliding as early as you can make reservations for this activity At Reasonable Prices. The 1200mt, 1700mt, 1800mt and 1900mt runways in Babadağ provide flight every season because each of them meets the wind from different places. Ölüdeniz paragliding prices are 450 TL in 2019. On demand, you can capture great video and photos in the sky and get unique exposure. You can buy these videos and photos for 150tl if you want. Book and contact us immediately to perform this adrenaline-fueled activity with us in 2019. info@myfriendoo.com || +90 (552) 282 9843 || Activity link