Oludeniz Air Games Festival 2020

Oludeniz Air Games Festival 2020
03 January 2019





Every year, the Air Games Festival in Fethiye Oludeniz is the meeting point of air sports pilots from many different countries. This year 19. The air Games Festival took place and many activities such as motorized paragliding, model airplanes, sailing wings, balloon shows and paragliding were performed at Oludeniz Belcekız Beach. In this event, 610 pilots from 45 countries attended a ceremony sponsored by non-governmental organizations. Mugla Deputy Governor Mehmet Fikret Çavuş said that this festival would contribute greatly to Fethiye and showed their support. He added that security measures were taken in the games and that the success of this organization would increase further.




With this festival, the importance of air games was understood in the formation and recognition of the brand value of Fethiye. Air games, which have become a great value and culture, are of great importance for the district. Their continuity is still in the hands of the people, and efforts are made to transfer them to future generations. In addition to being a holiday Center in Oludeniz, the share of paragliding sport in tourism is not only incenseable.








The Babadag cable car project expected to be opened is expected to increase by 10%. Babadag cable car line, Mountain Babadag with altitude of 1965 for a period of 6-7 minutes reached the summit. Along the way, you can see many districts such as Dalaman, Fethiye and Dalyan and enjoy watching the island of Rhodes from the sky. Babadag also plays an important role in protecting the environment as it will decrease the transportation to the mountain by car with the cable car. The Babadag Cable Car Line, which is expected to be opened until the Oludeniz Air Games Festival, will enable the pilots to fly more.







Oludeniz Air Games Festival, which will present colorful images this year, promises to offer unique poses and unique frames for photographers. You can enjoy Oludeniz Paragliding activity. If you want to experience paragliding sport, you can make a reservation.[:]