How to get to the Ancient City Of Tlos?

How to get to the Ancient City Of Tlos?
07 January 2019

Ancient City Travel Guide TLOS



The ancient city of Tlos is one of the archeological sites of Muğla. Located in the north of saklikent, the ancient city of Tlos is a temporary place in the World Heritage List. Although not as familiar as the ancient city of Ephesus, there are many ruins of ancient settlements, including many mythological structures and monumental tombs.



how to get to the ancient city of TLOS from SAKLIKENT?



If you are on a saklikent excursion, you must also see this ancient city. you can reach the ancient city after 20 minutes of travel by minibuses passing by saklikent.




Ancient City of TLOS History



It dates back to the fourteenth century B.C. and dates back to the Hittite inscriptions as Dlawa. One of the most valuable monuments is the Tomb of Pegasus, a winged horse in mythology, of Bellerephontes, the sculpted state of the war with the many-headed monster Chimera. The ancient city of Tlos, which literally expresses the word "Acropolis" (the city that is high in ancient Greek), also contains many monuments that have played a role in the cliffs.



The city, which is the most important center of psychosurgery for the region, has continued its feature until the twelfth century and has become an advanced city in terms of economy since it is the center of the Mediterranean region's most important trade routes for that day. The theatre scene, stadium area, school and church are also seen as a socially developed city for the conditions of that day.




How to get to the Ancient City of TLOS from Fethiye?



the ancient city of Tlos is reached by minibuses from the Transportation bus from Fethiye and the road time can be between 45km and 1 hour.



Entrance fees to the Ancient City of TLOS



The daring entry into the ancient city of Tlos was updated to TL 8 in 2019, if you own Museumarta, you can visit it twice a year for free.