How Is Paragliding Done?

How Is Paragliding Done?
01 January 2019




How Is Paragliding Done?Which one of us didn't dream of being free like a bird in the sky? This is much easier and safer with Myfriendoo. We have to say that you don't have to take a course or take a course for paragliding, you're ready to fly after 10 minutes of information. First of all, we receive our valued guests from our hotels with our own private vehicles. We arrive on our flight track after 30 minutes of paternity.







On this journey, you will not be able to stop by saying "hello" to a journey where your breath will be cut off with the unique view of Babadağ, which is home to endemic plant species and you will also be lost between the fragrances!



After arriving at our flight track with our experienced paragliding pilots, who are Turkey and the world championship, we bring you together with the sky after running a few steps with your pilot. While you are experiencing these unforgettable moments, we immortalize these moments with our special extreme cameras.






The world's 2nd best. we are sure that you will be enchanted in the view of Ölüdeniz, the flight zone. With various acrobatics, we bring you to the heights of excitement and ecstasy. After a 30 to 35 minute Sky journey, you will be able to see your photos and videos in our office. Our aim is to provide you with a quality, safe, memorable and exciting flight. Let's look at the Earth from the sky!