Fethiye Ölüdeniz Information 2020

Fethiye Ölüdeniz Information 2020
22 December 2018

Fethiye Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), which is a lake as it is understood in its name, is connected to our district of Fethiye; Bodrum, Marmaris, and Dalyan, which are located within the borders of the province of Muğla, is one of the most important tourism resorts of our country which is preferred by foreign tourists.



Oludeniz hosts hundreds of thousands of people every year with its magnificent atmosphere; Turkey's promotional films are shown at the beginning. Fethiye Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), which is one of the Blue Flag Beaches of our country, was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world by taking a big vote in 2006. 



It is located on the beach of Kıdrak outside the Belcekız beach in Ölüdeniz. Even in the most severe winds, it stands out with its azure blue waters. In the Lycian Civilization, the ”Land of Light and the Sun inde was named as Sun Remote Land“ in Medieval Civilizations. The nature of the lush green trees, turquoise color, not even one of the most severe winds affected by the magnificent stagnant water you will not see a single moss in the Dead Sea Holiday hosts every hundreds of thousands of visitors.




Apart from the Blue Lagoon beach, you will find a chance to cool off at the beach of Belcekız Beach, Kumburnu beach and more than the conservative families on the Kıdrak Beach. You can find a chance to visit the world famous coves (Butterfly Valley, Aya Nichola Island, Camel Beach, etc.) around Oludeniz, which has the most beautiful location of Paragliding on the world. Is one of the most dominoes of Turkish tourism with its beauties, geographical location and history dating back to ancient times.




You can find so many options for the city of tourism Oludeniz sights and activities we have compiled for you. When you step into the Oludeniz, you will enjoy the fascination and leave yourself to the nature and clean air. As soon as you set foot in this town, you will see a different, different world. You will want to come back to this place where you will witness the colorful colors of the sky and where nature has its unique beauties and breathe this air. How do I know? I'm answering: I'm the one who has experienced these feelings and who wants to live over and over again.