Camping in the Kaz Dağları (Goose Mountains)

Camping in the Kaz Dağları (Goose Mountains)
10 July 2020

Each season is one of the Kaz Mountains, which separate the beautiful place located between the main natural beauty of Turkey. Kaz Mountains is a perfect stop for camping lovers with its clean air and lush nature. Kaz Mountains, where accommodation is also possible outside the camp, is a good choice for those who want to stay alone with nature. Transportation to Kaz Mountains, located in the region between Çanakkale and Balıkesir, is possible by bus or private vehicle.

Camp sites in Kaz Mountains are divided into Kaz Mountain National Park and Private Campgrounds.

Kaz Mountain National Park

You can visit Baba Hill, Karataş Hill and Sarıkız accompanied by a guide, and Kaz Mountain National Park was taken under protection in 1993. In the Mount Ida National Park, which is under protection, things like burning fire, hunting and collecting plants are prohibited. Therefore, those who want to camp here should pay attention to these issues.

Kaz Mountain Private Campgrounds


Hızır Campground

Access to the campground is quite easy. Edremit Koca takes 30 minutes by taxi from Seyit Airport. After arriving at the Akçay bus station by bus, you arrive at the camping area after a 20-minute taxi ride.

You can camp here with your own tent. You can also stay in tree houses, wooden houses or stone houses.

You can participate in activities such as yoga meditation here. You can join nature walks and cool off in Zeytinli Stream.

Camlaaltı Tent Camping


Another camping area located on Kaz Mountain is Çamlaaltı Tent Camp.
In Çamlaaltı, which is a camping area that nature lovers can love, you can stay with your own tent or by renting the tents of the facility. Apart from this, you can have a different experience by staying in Bungalows or Caravans.
Here you can have a breakfast and participate in activities such as yoga and meditation.
The camping area also has a shower and toilet.

Akaleos Campground

Akaleos camping area, located right next to the Zeytinli Stream, is one of the beautiful places for nature and camping lovers. Apart from the tent, you can also stay in tree houses here. If you wish, you can go kayaking, take nature walks or do yoga in Zeytinli Stream. You can bring food from outside or cook your own food here. You can also eat in the restaurant if you wish.
The camping area has parking, toilet, shower and kitchen.
Electricity only exists in the area where the restaurant is located. There is no electricity in the place where the tents are located.
Fees are charged per person, not per tent.