Campgrounds in Marmaris

Campgrounds in Marmaris
07 July 2020

Çubucak Campground


Marmaristen Datçaya giderken 23. km sinde Milli Parklar Müdürlüğüne ait On the 23rd km of the road from Marmaris to Datça, you will see the Çubucak Forest Camp and Tent Camp areas belonging to the Directorate of National Parks. If you want you can stay here, you can camp for a day or you can take advantage of all the facilities there.


In addition to the caravan camp, there are areas for setting up tents. Çubucak National Park is the only place in the region that is officially allowed to burn a barbecue. Entrance is paid.


çubucak campground

There is a playground, a cafeteria, a playground, a market in the Çubucak Camping area. There is a market set up every day by the villagers across the park. Here you can meet your fresh fruit and vegetable needs.


You can meet many of your shortcomings from the markets in the camping area to picnic tube and detergent.

Since the summer season is full, it is useful to call in advance and make a reservation.


İnbükü Campground


While going from Marmaris to Datça, the inbuku camping area, which will meet you at 25th km, will fascinate you with its silence and calmness.


inbükü campground

If you come here over the highway, it is right next to the Military Recreation Facility, which you will come across after passing the Değirmenyanı Village.

It has a capacity of 155 tents and 25 caravans.


Günnücek Campground


Marmaris city center is 1 km away. Its other name is Marmaris National Park. It hosts a 26 hectare area.It is named after the "Sweetgum" tree, which is an endemic tree species in the region, which is also used for making perfumes.Because the locals of the region call the Sweetgum tree Günnük. The name of the region started to be known as Günnücek.



Günnücek Campground

The 300-acre park is home to many creatures. Facilities such as food, beverage, shower, toilet, electricity are provided in the camping area.



Evcan Camping


You can reach Evcan Camping at the 6th km after the Bozburun separation. It is a frequented place especially for those who prefer Caravan Camp.

Caravan camp has been very popular lately. At Evcan Camping, there is a private camping area for caravans. The area is equipped to meet every need in terms of all mechanics and cleaning that caravan owners will need.


Evcan Camping

In addition to hot water, shower facilities, watching the sunset from the buffet in the camping area is quite enjoyable.

The sea is quite shallow and does not contain algae and rocks. It is ideal for families and new swimmers. Coast Turkey also has rare red sand.

It is useful to book in advance in case it is full in the middle of the season.



Clup Amazon Bördübet


Aslında yeni bir akım In fact, we can say that one of the pioneers of Glamping, a new trend.

So what is Glamping?

Derived from the English words Glamorous and Camping, Glamping is a holiday opportunity specially designed for those who want to embrace nature and nature without being deprived of some comfort elements.


club amazon Bördübet

This resort, which is not suitable for daily visits, has different concept accommodation.


Altınkum Camping


You can reach Altınkum / hisarönü locality approximately 5 km after entering Bozburun turnoff.

Altinkum camping appeals to both Caravans and those who love tent camps.In this facility, where infrastructure support is available for caravans, refrigerators can be rented for tent campers or for those who do not have refrigerators in their caravans.


Altınkum Campground

Again, you can meet all your basic needs, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, from the buffet of the facility.

This facility, which also offers Wi-Fi support, makes it easy to book in advance.


Camprail Station

Located on the Marmaris adaköy road, this facility is usually a place that appeals to daily holidaymakers, but still hugs tent and caravan camping lovers with its nature.

Daily campers and tent camp lovers are especially popular, as there are no toilet or shower facilities in the area. There is a market and a gas station near the area so you can meet your model needs here.


Camprail Station

This area, which is ideal for those who prefer a peaceful and quiet place, is also useful to enter with sea shoes as the beach is stony.


içmeler Maliye Camping

Although it is a quiet and quiet place, it is an ideal place especially for those who love caravan and tent camps.

Shower and WC are not available. However, since there is a gas station 10 minutes away, market and wc needs can be met here.


içmeler Maliye Camping

Since the morning sun rises right in front of you, it is quite nice to wake up with the sunrise. The sea is not wavy but it is useful to enter with sea shoes as it is a bit rocky. You may be exposed to loud music at night, but they disappear after midnight.