Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley
04 January 2019





The valley of butterflies, which is one of the most interesting places when it comes to Oludeniz, is ready to fascinate you with its natural beauty. The valley of butterflies, which is given to us by nature, was protected in 1995 because it contained various endemic plants. Moreover, more than 80 different types of butterflies are home to the Valley. The most common species are the Tiger Butterfly. The second stop of the boat tours is the Butterfly Valley, where you can stay for an hour and start exploring.




As far as you don't want to settle down, you can climb the Valley and put the whole landscape in front of your eyes. You can also visit this charming village called Faralya, where you can taste delicious village food. You should see the image of the valley of butterflies as drawn by hand and breathe this air for once in your life. This fascinating place makes you feel the desire and love of being in nature by creating a completely different effect.  It will be a holiday where you will enjoy swimming with the sea, where you will fall in love with its magnificent colors.







Butterfly Valley is ready to attract you not only with its nature but also with its history. Wouldn't you like to see this place where thousands of local and foreign people visit each year? Now all this is very easy with Myfriendoo.