7 Activities in Oludeniz Fethiye

7 Activities in Oludeniz Fethiye
29 December 2018

Oludeniz is one of the most favorite summer resorts of Mugla and Fethiye, and it has many natural and natural beauties.






Oludeniz has Babadag, one of the world's leading paragliding destinations. In this respect, paragliding is a place frequented by people from all over the world. As in sports, it is home to many historical buildings and historical monuments. Now let's recommend 7 activities that can be done in Oludeniz .




1-) A pleasant flight from the top of Mount Babadag



 Let's start with paragliding which is the most known activity in Oludeniz. Although most familiar with what you can do paragliding flight to Oludeniz in Turkey say it is one of the places. Paragliding after making your reservation (Hours: 9-11-13-15-17) in a hurry to the summit of the Babadag you're starting your adventure.



While you are climbing the summit of Babadag, the scenery and natural beauties you are going to visit will be worth it. After reaching the top of the parachute machine is installed and done. It's going to leave Babadag peak. Since we cannot succeed in explaining the magical focus of Oludeniz, we recommend this activity in the first place.




2-) Explore the underwater beauty of Oludeniz




 Another activity in Oludeniz is scuba diving. Although it is seen as a difficult activity by people, you will see how easily this sport can be done with the help of expert instructors. Underwater life, Lettuce corals, anemones, lettuce corals, underwater caves, tropical fish types and many more of the species you can see in your charming environment, we want to see how you want to see with your own eyes.



Diving points; amateur, intermediate level, professional, you can leave according to your request. Red Island Lighthouse, Dalyan Bay, Three Tunnels, Baracuda Reef, Af Tower, Pyramid, such as diving points are the main.




3-) Wandering thousands of years of historical buildings in Kayakoy



 Kayakoy has a history of 5000 years. Kayakoy, which has hosted different civilizations until the 19th century, has hosted 16.000 people, enough to be a city if we talk about it for that day. Kayakoy has about 3400 houses and also has 2 churches, 2 schools and hospitals.



You can take an Quadbike tour during the activities in Kayakoy.If you want to choose a transport vehicle suitable for the history, it is possible to take a tour with the horses.



There is a possibility of touring camels. Kayakoy is actually an ancient city where photographers visit a lot and you can take beautiful photographs of the historical texture.



4-) Boat trips to the bays harboring every shade of blue



 There are about 100 bays in Oludeniz. The most famous ones are the aquarium Bay, camel Beach, cold water cave, St. You can visit Nicolas Island and Butterfly Valley on many dark boat tours. Each bay has its own unique beauty and unique blue makes every minute of the tour valuable.



You also have the opportunity to rent a private speed boat and take a stroll outside of these coves and, if you wish, check the boat yourself.  The boat tour gives you a nice tour opportunity by stopping at these bays on a certain route and giving you the time to swim and explore the surrounding area. The boat tour includes lunch and includes shower, toilet, dressing cabins, deck chairs.




5-) Going for a horseback excursion with sunset on the beach



 At sunset, where you can remember from the movies with a horse tour, the activities you will do on the beach will be a very different experience for you. Not only on the beach, but also in the forests of Oludeniz. Don't expect to pick up a lot of different horses and wander around and take a tour of the horse for beautiful photos.




6-) Excursion with ATV motor tour in the forests of Oludeniz



 ATV tour starts at a location in the wooded area and continues to Kayaköy and ATV double engines are available on request. This event is one of the best events to be carried out by family, couple or group of friends. You can enjoy the unique beauty of Quadbike tour on this tour, including lunch.




7-) Complete the day by taking beautiful photos against the sunset



 Even if you take pictures from the same place every day in Oludeniz, you will find that every day has unique pictures. Whether you catch the sunset with the timelapse feature, or in the background that will make your friends jealous, Oludeniz gives beautiful exposures with the sun, and we guarantee that you will satisfy the likes in Instagram personally.