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Ida Mountain Trip Advice

The Kaz Mountains are located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir. The total area covered is 220 square kilometers. It is known as the lungs of Turkey. There are many streams, waterfalls, lakes and caves in it. Oxygen quality is one of the few places in Turkey.


With the settlement of the nomads of ancient Turkish civilizations in the region, regular settlement has started. There are a few shaman villages today. One of them is the village of wooden birds mentioned in another article. The highest point is at an altitude of 1770 meters. There is a special type of Fir Tree that grows only in the Kaz mountains. It is also home to 40 different endemic plants. Oxygen quality in the World 2. ranked. His name was Ida. The goose mountains have an important place in Greek mythology.


There are many waterfalls and streams in the Kaz mountains. These natural structures are surrounded by tea gardens and restaurants and provide a beautiful day-to-day experience.


Kaz Dağları Hasanboğuldu

Turquoise blue is a beautiful natural area. Some parts of the stream eroding rocks formed tiny lakes. It’s a great area for swimming and picnicking. It’s a bit of a hassle to go here, but you’re definitely gonna be glad you’re gone. Even in summer, the water is quite cold. This is one of the beautiful natural areas you will want to visit in the goose mountains. To mention his story, he briefly tells the love of Hasan and Emine. Hasan is tested by Eminem’s father. This test is to reach the top of the mountain with 40 kilos of salt sack on the back of Hasan. Hasan is defeated by weight at some point and disappears into the water. From this sad story, we recommend you to see the waterfall named after it.


Water poured from a height of about 10 meters constitutes the beginning. Small pond-style structures are also seen in the mihli waterfall. You can dine in the establishment near the waterfall. It is also possible to have a picnic with your own food. As seen throughout the goose mountains, the water is very cold here. The waterfalls passing through the canyon do not see the sun much. There are rocks at different heights to jump into the water. The water depth is measured at 10 meters. It is one of the other natural beauty that must be seen in the goose mountains.


Kaz Dağları Sarıkız Tepesi
Kaz Dağları Sarıkız Tepesi

It is known that nomadic nomadic nomads established Oba here. The Hill sees the entire Gulf. It is one of the peak points of Goose Mountain. Sarıkız Hill is named after sarıkız legend. Let’s briefly explain The Legend of sarıkız. Sarıkız and his father settled in a village in the Kaz mountains. Sarik’s father wants to go to the pilgrimage and goes. He trusts his daughter to a neighbor. Young people in the village tend to ask for her. Sarıkız translates them back. From now on, they spread rumors about sarıkız. No one salutes him when his father returns from the pilgrimage. He asks why, and he hears the rumor that his daughter is on the wrong path. His father wants to kill his daughter and takes her to the top of the Sarikiz. He can’t kill there and leave it there with a few geese he takes with him. The Legend of sarıkız comes from here. Today, tours are organized on sarıkız Hill. In addition, sarıkız mausoleum is located on this hill.


Kaz mountains are the source of income for tourism. It is also a good treatment center for health tourism. There are several hotels on the mountain. Some of them also have equipment for the treatment center purposes. Because the oxygen quality of the goose Mountains is very good, some diseases heal. Especially asthma and bronchitis diseases are known to be good. As the waters of the goose mountains are also natural mineral sources, they often heal diseases.The demand is high because the hotel is small in the goose mountains. Overnight accommodation prices are between 300 lira and 500 lira. Hotels see the entire bay as of location. If you want to eat organic food, fresh air and drink natural mineral waters, we recommend that you stay overnight in these hotels.


The Kaz mountains begin from the Çanakkale border and continue to the inner parts of Balikesir. If you will come to the Kaz mountains from the Marmara region, the Dardanelles road is quite bend. If you want to see the view, you should prefer Çanakkale road. Transportation via bursa can be provided. You can see the first entrance of the goose Mountains If you continue on the altınoluk signs after you finish the Çanakkale.

Kaz Dağları Gezi Tavsiyesi
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Kaz Dağları Gezi Tavsiyesi
Kaz dağları Balıkesir'in Edremit ilçesinde yer alıyor. Toplam kapladığı alan 220 kilometrekaredir. Türkiye'nin ciğerleri olarak bilinir.
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