Yeşil Vadi Doğa Parkı

Fethiye Green Valley Nature Park And Camping Area

Green Valley Nature Park

It is close to Fethiye and is an unknown beauty of nature; the Green Valley. You can find information about the Green Valley, a unique natural beauty that those who know every summer and those who don’t know will learn from this article in our article.

How To Get To The Green Valley Fethiye?

Close to the centre of Fethiye, this excursion area is within 20-30 minutes of your personal vehicle. Located very close to the village of Burns, The Green Valley, if you want to transport by minibus is also possible.

After getting off at the last stop, it is within walking distance. We recommend that you keep your camera with you as you will be greeted with table views along the way. If you’re going to come in a personal car, let’s just say the roads are a little rough.

Green Valley Picnic Areas

In summer, this may be the choice of people who want to cool themselves off in the freezing waters of the Green Valley.  There is also a saluted tea garden on the slopes of the mountains. The tea garden within the business produces its own products and offers natural flavors. If you don’t want to prepare yourself, the tea garden has a large dining menu.

Yeşil Vadi Doğa Parkı
Yeşil Vadi Doğa Parkı

Although there is no entrance fee to the Green Valley Nature Park area, there are Cedar, Swing and tables that you can rent inside. If you don’t want to pay any fees, you can bring home your meals and eat them. We recommend that you pay attention to this as it is forbidden to burn barbecue in the facility.

Breakfast per person is priced at 30 TL. A family of three can make breakfast with 70-80tl. Chicken grill is priced as 25 TL, Cola as 5 TL. You can get these numbers based on your mind so that you have a little bit of information.

Green Valley Nature Beauty

Giving the name of the Green Valley the right to a truly natural beauty is a field of sightseeing that is operated by being protected. Whether you’re camping or having a nice picnic table with your family or friends, use it as a short break on the road. The decision is yours!

You can imagine yourself in a dream with the swings on the water. While the clear waters of the river flow heavily below you, you can listen to bird sounds and be involved in the atmosphere. When you get overwhelmed by the heat, all you have to do is hang yourself down from the swing.

Yeşil Vadi Fethiye

Yeşil Vadi FethiyeThe rivers are built under the trees around the river and can also be a good choice of relaxation. Take a tea to get your head together and relax and watch the fish in clear waters from the sediment.

There are many areas around the Green Valley. With its small streams, caves and lush forests, you can see that this beautiful area has not yet been destroyed.

We can say that there is certainly a way for photography enthusiasts to stop by.

Green Valley Camping Areas

Green Valley, a beautiful camping area for campers, will be the perfect choice to get away from the crowd. This area, which is untouched and protected by natural beauty, is home to many animals. It is recommended that you be careful with reptiles and wild pigs.

Yeşil Vadi Fethiye
Yeşil Vadi Fethiye

You will be protected from these animals by keeping the campfire on and storing your garbage away from the campground. In the Camp Area and in the Green Valley, let us inform you that there is no phone or internet connection. Breakfast included for the camp tent prices per person 60 TL specified. If you do not want to set up your own tent and get breakfast service, your business gets 40 TL per person.

The camp areas that we can recommend for campers are some of the beautiful camp areas near the cave, which is located in the area next to the river and a little bit of the wooded area.

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Fethiye Yeşil Vadi Doğa ve Kamp Alanı
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