About Us

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Myfriendoo family, for many years becoming one of the leading travel and tourism companies in Turkey and later in Turkey, including 30 abroad if the company is producing a 16 round destination.

Many brands and organizations are organized under the umbrella of Myfriendoo. Myfriendoo has always managed to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest point by changing the holiday minds of people and creating better activity standards by undertaking new discoveries. Myfriendoo, which incorporates the best holiday and lifestyle brands in its class, which will turn into passion for its customers, employees, business partners and even its competitors, is making an important struggle to be global in the areas it serves.

The Myfriendoo family operates in paragliding, water sports, hotel service, blue cruise and much more. With its friendly staff and solid state-of-the-art products, we offer you a wonderful dynamic holiday service.

Behind the success of the Myfriendoo family is a customer-oriented management approach centered on holiday efficiency. As a result of this approach, the Group with his cooperation with reputable brands on a global scale, Turkey represents the whole world. The Myfriendoo family has adopted the vision of leaving a mark in people’s lives and going beyond the classical sense of vacation while carrying out their holiday activities.

Among the pioneers in Turkey Myfriendoo holiday services, information services, and extensive cooperation with the understanding that the owner is assessing the best way to reach the destination network. Myfriendoo continues to stand by the consumer in tourism and travel with its travel agency websites that serve a wide audience.