200 Tl ön ödeme fırsatı myfriendoo

Taking advantage of early booking opportunities makes it easy to plan your summer vacation early and relax.

We don’t want the full price.

Is your budget for winter to summer holiday very limited?

Do not worry…

Contact us to book your reservation.

Breathe in with a prepayment of just 200 TL. Make your payment and confirm the reservation and pay the rest when you arrive on holiday.

arkadaşını getir kampanyası

Bring your friend a 10 percent discount cap:

If you want to spend your holiday with your friend after planning your holiday, contact us and get 10% discount.

Spend a wonderful holiday with your friend and benefit from our campaign.

Please contact us for detailed information.

Ailelere ve gruplara özel indirim

Would you like to go on holiday with your family?

You don’t always get a chance either because of financial or busy work?

That’s where we come in.

We plan your holiday in the style of your request we offer you.

Please choose us for a full and affordable holiday.

Please contact us for details.

Special discount for groups. Please contact our customer service representative.

balayı çiftlerine özel kampanya

Wedding engagement was a busy and fast-paced period you’re tired now you deserve to rest.

Didn’t you get a chance to plan a vacation?

We made the plan.

If you would like to take advantage of our opportunities, please contact us.

If you plan to spend your honeymoon with our activities both inexpensive and full, we have a 20% discount for newly married couples.

Please contact us for detailed information.

engellilere özel kampanya

We have a special offer for our valued guests.

Let us give you 1 flight gift, let us explore the sky together…

Let’s eliminate the obstacles together…

Let’s realize your dreams…

We are ready for you…

gazilere özel kampanya

Our precious martyr families and veterans.

We will honor you to participate in the activities with us with our special campaign.

We have a 20% discount campaign for all kinds of activities or package holidays.


1) Our guests who make their reservation by taking advantage of early booking opportunities can cancel and get unconditional refund until 1 week before the date of arrival if they want to cancel after prepayment due to necessary reasons.

2) Due to necessity reasons, our guests cannot cancel if less than 1 week is left before the date of their vacation. The prepayment is non-refundable if they wish to cancel.

3) The selected and reserveed packages can be changed in the activities included in the package content. You can contact your customer representative to request a change.

4) Our hotels serve bed and breakfast concept.

5) You can change the date of your holiday package.

6) If you want to make a change of activity, there may be differences in fees. If you accept any differences in fees, activity changes may be made.

7) If you give up the activities in the middle of the package holiday, no refund will be given. If you miss the activity or do not catch up at the given time, a change will be made if it is possible to make changes with a half day activity. If there is no half-day activity, the activity fee is non-refundable.

8) In case of paragliding activity, the passenger cannot receive any refund if the passenger changes his / her decision immediately before departure.

9) In order to benefit from our campaign, honeymoon couples must have married in maximum 1 year.

10) In order to benefit from our flight gift campaign for disabled guests, the passenger must not exceed 80kg. Guests with walking disabilities can fly.

11) The campaign we offer to martyrs and veterans is only valid for first class relatives.