20% Pay Now Paying When You Pay On Holiday

Myfriendoo.com make your holiday reservations now and guarantee your holiday.
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Fethiye Conservative Hotels

We share the conservative holiday options in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, which are shaped according to lifestyle and religious conditions. This 8 Hotel, which has adopted 100% halal concept concept as a concept, offers an ideal holiday option.
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10 Places To Visit in Aydin

In our country, especially when making summer vacation plans, the first place on the map is undoubtedly the Aegean region.
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2019 Official Holidays

The official holidays for the year 2019, which holidaymakers look forward to, are only 3 days from 17 to the end of the week. This year will be an advantageous year for the official holiday. Combined with the permission to be used during official holidays, it allows you to take a long holiday.
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Fethiye Villa Rental Guide 2020

Fethiye is another holiday option for Oludeniz. The villa for rent in Fethiye is waiting for you. You can choose from them the best for you and start your holiday.
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8 Places To Take Beautiful Photographs in Fethiye

One of the essential features of the holiday makers who visit Fethiye is to catch a beautiful selfie. In this article, hundreds of likes are waiting for you in social media for the photos you will take in the places we share.
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Kayakoy Art Camp

Kayaköy art camp has been hosting art lovers since 2005. Kayaköy art camp consists of courses that combine art and accommodation, which include specific art activities according to the types of camp.
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How To Get To Sovalye Island?

Knight island is one of the most popular islands with its rich history and stunning views from the past to the present.
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Fethiye Speed Boat Rental

Explore new routes to see all the shades of the sea. Apart from the popular bays and beaches, you can find a deserted beach and enjoy yourself.
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Rhodes Island Tour Guide

With its location in the Aegean region of Rhodes Island, it is the ideal place for a holiday with its historical texture richness, the blue sea, colorful houses and Mediterranean cuisine.
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