Blue, Green and Entertainment: Holiday in Fethiye 2020

If you don't like beach or something, you can visit the archeology and ethnography museums in Fethiye, the Amintas Rock Tombs from the Lycian period, the Greek village of Kayaköy with its 5 thousand years of history, and the Afkule Monastery that will make you feel eternity.
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Information About Paragliding

Wouldn't you like to watch the deep blue sea shining with sunlight from the sky?
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Enjoying Being a Bird in Fethiye: Paragliding 2020

When you come to Fethiye on the list of things you need to do paragliding in the top ranks will look more closely in this article.
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Adrasan, which offers us the most beautiful colors of nature, is an ideal destination for holiday with its blue sea and green forests. The idea of intertwined holiday with nature has always been popular. You can get a good experience by Camping your holiday in the camps in adrasan.
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Campgrounds in Marmaris

As Myfriendoo Family, we have compiled the places that you will want to camp in Marmaris, one of the indispensable areas of the camp sites.
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Camping in the Kaz Dağları (Goose Mountains)

Each season is one of the Kaz Mountains, which separate the beautiful place located between the main natural beauty of Turkey. Kaz Mountains is a perfect stop for camping lovers with its clean air and lush nature.
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Places to swim in Fethiye

Where to go swimming in the bay paradise Fethiye? As Myfriendoo family, we have prepared this article to give you some tips and information.
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