Horse Riding - Forest

Enjoy horse riding with us in the ancient city of Kayaköy and the pathways full of pine trees. You can choose one of our talented horses of all ages. We recommend that you wear pants and shoes for our horse tour activity, which provides an enjoyable experience for the whole family. This tour, which is divided into two as morning and lunch tours, is sure to remain an unforgettable memory in your life!

With the experienced team and trained horses, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Kayaköy in the morning and access the historical textures, or you will be able to watch the unique blue of Ölüdeniz from a bird's eye view with the afternoon tour. Those who wish can take and store moments that are immortalized with professional machines. We are waiting for everyone on this unforgettable tour.

Including Transfer, Insurance The event is available every day, twice a day.

220.00 TL / 150.00 TL
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