One of our activities that will stay in your mind for a long time during our holiday is our diving tour. Let's take a look at our blue cruise with endless beauty.


You do not need education or documentation to see the blue beauties. After 15 20 minutes of briefing, you are ready to dive with our instructors and professional divers. After the information, we put on our optional diving suits and prepare you for underwater in groups. After checking our equipment, we begin to dive slowly with our divers. Below, colorful fish are ready to welcome us. While you feed them and have a good time, we immortalize these moments with our professional underwater cameras. After our 25-30 minute underwater trip, we come to the surface. After lunch, another dive takes place. Then you have the opportunity to watch the photos and videos we took underwater. Are you ready for this unforgettable experience?


We start our day by picking up our valuable guests from your hotels with our private vehicles. After receiving you, we reach our diving boat. We set out for the bay where we will dive.On our journey, we inform you about diving in 15-20 minutes. You are now ready to dive. After we reach the bay where we will dive, we prepare you for group diving. We dive for 30 minutes twice a day. After our first dive, we have a lunch break. We also have fish or chicken varieties according to your wishes. It will accompany you with pasta and salad. You can get various drinks and snacks from the bar section of our boat. We're getting ready for our second dive in the afternoon. Apart from diving, you can spend time with your family at sea or on the boat during the day. After our second dive, we return to our port at 17:00. We leave your hotels back where we bought you and end our beautiful day. A wonderful day is waiting for you, where you can both dive and enjoy a boat tour.


Dalyan Bay is a great stop for both diving, swimming and having a nice time with your family on the beach. Dalyan Bay, which has a visual feast with its rich live population, is ideal for beginners. Its depth is 10 meters. In addition, land transportation is possible to the beach.

Aquarium Bay is only 5 minutes from Kaş. The aquarium with clear water is suitable for deep diving. It can only be reached by boat. You can see clown fish, octopus, sea urchin, stingray and more in the bay with many fish species.

The cold cave is suitable for advanced divers. The depth is 20 meters. cold and fresh water flowing into the sea will welcome you. Diving in fresh water will give you a different experience.

Three tunnels are suitable for advanced buyers. The depth is 30 meters. After 19 meters, a dim light welcomes you. Don't forget to take your flashlight with you. An adventurous branch awaits you among the narrow cliffs.

Afkule is the best diving place in Fethiye. The depth is 50 meters. It's a great area for advanced buyers. Don't forget to take your flashlight with us in our diving area, which is home to colorful and different species. You can experience this event by making a reservation immediately.

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