Cappadocia Balloon Tour


Cappadocia is an interesting sightseeing area with its fairy chimneys dating back millions of years and its ancient values. It welcomes nearly one hundred thousand local and foreign tourists every year. It is one of the most popular tourist cities, with visitors from all over the world. The formation of fairy chimneys took place millions of years ago thanks to the volcanic eruption. It is the building block of matter called tuff formed by lava residues. Thanks to the tuff structure eroded by the wind for years, the mystical fairy chimney appearance has emerged.


Another touristic symbol of Cappadocia is the balloon tour. The images of hundreds of balloons floating in the sky became the cover art of the postcards. On balloon tours, 16 people can explore the sky with balloons at a time. Due to the structure of the balloons, it rises to the skies thanks to the hot air flow with the cooker mechanism under it. When the balloons are hovering according to the direction of the wind, the landing area may be far from the take-off point. Passengers are picked up by vehicles from the landing point.


Cappadocia balloon tours are made twice a day for each balloon. Balloons have a capacity of 16 people. The altitude at which the balloons rise can increase up to 1000 meters. With the balloon tour, you can see 20 kilometers of the environment from the sky as a bird's eye view. Cappadocia Balloon Tours Prices are sold at euro rate and vary between 120 euro and 140 euro. The first sortie of the day is done in the first light of the morning. If you want to see the sunrise from the sky, you should choose the first sortie. It will be worth seeing the colorful shades of the sky.


Cappadocia is a rich settlement center in terms of sightseeing. The main places to visit are; It consists of Uçhisar Castle, Love Valley, Open Air Museum, Çavuşin Greek Village, Paşabağ Valley, Devrent Valley, Pottery Workshop. If you want, you can visit these sightseeing areas yourself. There are also package tours including all these sightseeing areas and balloon tours.

Uçhisar Castle: It is the highest point of Cappadocia. It is reminiscent of a castle due to its strategic location. From this point, you can watch the imposing view of Hasan Mountain and Erciyes Mountain.

Love Valley: This is where you can go to see the most magnificent fairy chimneys. The length of the valley is 5000 meters. There are thousands of fairy chimneys, big and small, along the valley. Fairy chimneys are cylindrical here.

Çavuşin Greek Village: It hosts the church with prominent priests in ancient times. It is a tour area that can be visited to see the ruins and architectural works of the past. It is possible to taste wines made by traditional methods.

Devrent Valley: It has a geological structure resembling African deserts in appearance. It has a beautiful view of small cave and fairy chimneys.


There are many alternatives to go to Cappadocia. The whole organization is carried out by the holiday agency for the holidays you will buy as a holiday package. If you want to go by yourself, you need to reach the city center by bus or plane travel to Nevşehir direction. Then, you can reach the fairy chimneys and balloon tour agencies with the Cappadocia buses departing from the city center.

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