Adrasan, which offers us the most beautiful colors of nature, is an ideal destination for holiday with its blue sea and green forests. The idea of intertwined holiday with nature has always been popular. You can get a good experience by Camping your holiday in the camps in adrasan.
We know that Fethiye has a very special place for you. As Myfriendoo family, we will talk about the holiday opportunities in Fethiye and the natural places you can visit in this article. In Fethiye, where you can accumulate beautiful memories in every corner, you will fall in love with Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and bays […]
Have a moment in the natural wonder of Paradise Bay. Don’t think about where I’m going to spend your vacation! Southwestern Turkey; It is a perfect place for a forest-covered camp, 25 km from Fethiye, Mugla, surrounded by imposing mountains and cliffs. The coast is a crystal-looking bay with blue and turquoise intersection where cruising […]
As a pearl of the Mediterranean Region, Oludeniz hosts thousands of tourists every year. 10 places we can share with you. 1. Oludeniz Lagoon and Beach Oludeniz’s magnificent geography on the beach in Oludeniz. Whether you want to do water sports, such as diving, sunbathing and cooling. 2. Belcekız Beach Both paragliding runway of that […]
Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides, west and south shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea coast clear, is a country with stunning natural beauty with coves. Today, one of the most preferred activities in the cities that go for vacation is boat tours. The reason why boat trips are so attractive […]
The ancient city of Ephesus is located in Selçuk district, about 80 km south of Izmir. Situated to the west coast in Turkey is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists every year. One of the legends of the city was founded by Ionian Prince Androclos in the 11th century BC. Androclos is looking for […]
In the summer months approaching, it is time to get rid of winter clothes and make a summer vacation plan. To enjoy the beauty of summer, we recommend you to find 10 events/activity in our article.
The Kaz Mountains are located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir. The total area covered is 220 square kilometers. It is known as the lungs of Turkey.