Erikli is a charming holiday resort we often hear during summer. It is located in Keşan District of Edirne. Located in the Gulf of Saros, this town welcomes vacationers from nearby provinces during the summer months. PLACES TO VISIT IN ERIKLI We would recommend a few places to visit this holiday resort with its green […]
Erdek is one of the best holiday resorts in Istanbul. The Clean Sea, extensive beach, advanced city centre and cheap prices offer an ideal holiday option.
Lake BAFA is a valuable lake where rare migratory bird species, connected to Aydın, are staying for a certain period of time. There is a natural structure surrounding beşparmak mountains, with a Mediterranean climate vegetation.
Manavgat is one of the first places to come to mind when we call it a holiday. With great tourism investments, the district is constantly developing.
Another beautiful resort in Antalya, Tekirova is waiting for you with its natural beauties, magnificent sea and luxurious hotels.
The Valley of butterflies, one of the most popular coves of Fethiye, awaits visitors. This charming place, surrounded by high rocks on both sides, has been declared a site area within the forest protection law.
In the last 8 years, the ‘slow city’, which has been mentioned by the international kuzgöbekte festival, has become the most popular in terms of Tourism in recent years.
Fethiye is a famous holiday resort with its natural beauties and historical places. In addition, Fethiye's nightlife is also very famous. Fethiye is developed in terms of Tourism, you can find the kind of entertainment you want.
Kas is a district of Antalya. If there's a desert scene in the movies, it's probably used here. There is a long beach as far as you can see. As you go from the beach to the sand dunes, you see structures like small pools.
Every year thousands of tourists come to Ölüdeniz from different countries. Since the region's most popular activity is paragliding, it is often preferred by local and foreign tourists.
There are several alternatives to reach the Marmara island to the southwest of the Marmara Sea. With the Marmara island, there are also other islands (Avşa, Ekincik) in summer and winter 2 times a day.