In the summer months approaching, it is time to get rid of winter clothes and make a summer vacation plan. To enjoy the beauty of summer, we recommend you to find 10 events/activity in our article.
Kefken, a small town in Kocaeli, is one of the resorts in the Black Sea region. During the summer months, you can see people coming from the surrounding cities on holiday, even if the people of Kocaeli are home.
The Kaz Mountains are located in the Edremit district of Balıkesir. The total area covered is 220 square kilometers. It is known as the lungs of Turkey.
Train journey with the Eastern Express has recently become popular with the impact of social media. This line used to be used for transportation only in the past is now used for tourism purposes.
Sinop Cape, the most extreme point in the north of Turkey, awaits its visitors with its unique beauty. Sinop nose with the view of the Black Sea that seems endless affects those who see.
The thermal holiday is preferred by many vacationers by providing the body's calmness and renewing properties. Natural mineral hot water provides many useful substances to the body.
Sığacık, Izmir quaint resort town. Warm people, clean beaches, historical buildings are prominent. It's a boutique resort. It is an ideal holiday destination with places to visit and ease of Transportation.
For those who want to escape the exhausting business tempo of Istanbul, we will recommend a picnic. In these areas around Istanbul, you can have a nice picnic event at the weekend.
Altınoluk is a holiday resort in the province of Balıkesir. It is very close to the province of Canakkale. Some of the famous goose mountains are located in this town.
Igneada is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts on the Black Sea coast. The base of the Black Sea, which is the general characteristic of pebble beaches, is composed of sandy beaches of Igneada.