300 TL

Scuba Doo


You have the freedom to breathe in the air without having to wear your glasses and use a mouthpiece regulator.

200 TL



Our diving tour is one of our activities that will not be on your mind for a long time. Let's take a look at our blue tour with endless beauties.

250 TL


Muğla / Fethiye

Get ready for an adventurous adventure with rafting. It is an activity that you can do as a family and experience adrenaline.

300 TL

It is a parachute sport that can take off and land on a boat or take off on land. All the traveler has to do after ventilating the parachute is to enjoy the view.

150 TL

Spending a nice day on the river, enjoying the stunning scenery, enjoy kayaking along the river. You can make your reservation immediately to have a nice family day.